NewsLocalAyia Napa murder attempt: SBA authorities hand over suspect to police-UPDATE

Ayia Napa murder attempt: SBA authorities hand over suspect to police-UPDATE

SBA Dhekelia handed over to Cyprus police on Friday a 25 year old British national who had been wanted by the Famagusta CID in relation to the attempted murder and injury of a 27 year old, also from the UK, in Ayia Napa in the early morning hours of Friday.

The incident took place around 3.30 am on Friday when the Ayia Napa police were informed of an injured man in the Ayia Napa central square.

Members of the Ayia Napa police station then sped to the scene where they spotted the 27 year old with injuries in the abdomen.

The man was taken to the Famagusta General Hospital where he underwent surgery. Doctors said initially that his condition was serious but that he is now out of danger.

Police investigations in the area revealed the man’s identity as an SBA Dhekelia soldier and that his injury was the result of a fight with other individuals.

Another British national aged 22 has also been arrested in relation to the same case. The 22 year old was at the scene when police arrived on the morning of the incident and appears to know the victim.

The 22 year old tried to flee when he saw police but the latter managed to cut him off. The man was then searched and police found in his possession a knuckle duster and a small plastic bag containing white powder believed to be cocaine.

The two suspects were remanded in custody for six days on Saturday by the Famagusta District Court to facilitate police questioning.

The Famagusta CID is investigating.

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