NewsLocalAyia Napa brawl leads to attack against officers

Ayia Napa brawl leads to attack against officers


Officers in the tourist resort found themselves on the wrong end of an altercation between youths after midnight in a down town area, when they arrived at the scene to investigate and were subsequently attacked by a number of people involved in the scuffles.

The three men in question were arrested and are now suspects in a case of attacking police, possession of blunt instruments and disturbing the peace.

Around one and following a tip off about a brawl on a central Ayia Napa road, a patrol rushed to the scene and spotted three individuals who according to reports had taken part in the altercation and were heading to a nearby night club, holding empty glass bottles.

Oficers approached and asked for identification, at which point the three men, two aged 23 and a 19 year old, attempted to flee the scene.

Police followed and managed to trap them a short distance away, at which point they attacked officers with the bottles, but were soon immobilised and arrested.

They were remanded in custody by the district court in Famagusta, as the Ayia Napa precinct investigates.

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