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Awarded Cypriot archeologist Vassos Karageorghis dies

Cypriot archeologist Vassos Karageorghis who had received the Order of Merit award recognising distinguished service in the promotion of culture from the Queen of England passed away late on Tuesday. He was in very poor health over the past year.

Born in 1929 in the Turkish-held village of Trikomo, Karageorghis authored books in English and French on Cypriot archaeology and also served as Adviser to President back in 1990.

The Nicosia-based archeologist was Professor Emeritus of Greek and Roman Archaeology of the University of Cyprus, and fellow of the British Academy.

He was also Director of Antiquities of the Republic of Cyprus from 1963 to 1989 and had served as Director of “Anastasios G. Leventis” Foundation.

He is notable for the excavation of the necropolis of Salamis, his excavations at Kition and Geometric necropoleis at Palaepaphos.

He published numerous monographs and articles, as well as extensive catalogues of Cypriot collections in museums in Cyprus and abroad.

He was married to the late Jacqueline Girard from France who was also a notable archeologist in Cyprus and have two children – Clio and André.











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