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Average duration of working life in Cyprus at 37.5 years


People in Cyprus can expect to work an average of 37.5 years, which is above the EU 27 average of 35.9 years and the ninth highest in the EU, according to figures published by Eurostat on Monday.

Eurostat said that in 2019, the expected average duration of working life for the EU’s adult population aged 15 years and more was 35.9 years. This was 0.2 years longer than the average for 2018, and 3.6 years longer than in 2000.

Men were expected to work longer than women in 2019 (38.3 years for men compared with 33.4 years for women). Although the expected average duration of working life has been longer for men than women since the start of the data series, the gender gap has been shrinking. Men worked 7.1 years longer than women in 2000, but by 2019 the gender gap had shrunk to 4.9 years.

Expected duration of working life longest in Sweden, shortest in Italy

Among EU Member States, Sweden and the Netherlands had the longest duration of working life (42.0 and 41.0 years in 2019 respectively). These were the only two EU Member States where the expected duration of working years exceeded 40 years.

These two Member States were followed by Denmark (40.0 years), Germany (39.1 years) and Estonia (39.0 years).

In contrast, the shortest expected duration of working life was recorded in Italy (32.0 years) followed by Croatia (32.5 years), Greece (33.2 years), Belgium and Poland (both 33.6 years).

Highest increase in duration of working life recorded in Malta, lowest increase in Denmark, only decrease in Romania

Compared with 2000, the expected average duration of working life was higher for all EU Member States in 2019, with the exception of Romania (a decline of 2.2 years).

The largest increases between 2000 and 2019 in the duration of working life were recorded in Malta (7.6 years), Hungary (6.9 years) and Estonia (5.6 years), and the smallest increases in Denmark (1.7 years) and Greece (1.8 years).

Cyprus’ 37.5 years average is up from 36.3 years in 2010.

In 2019, for men in Cyprus the average was 40.5 years and for women it was 34.4 years.

Source dataset: lfsi_dwl_a

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