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Audit Service sees problems in collecting warrants

The Audit Service pointed out serious weaknesses in the mechanism for the collection of warrants and the procedures for monitoring them and as a result the amount that has not been collected so far and which constitutes income of the State has multiplied in the last 10 years.

According to data from the Police system, on December 2020, there were 284,443 warrants pending, 91,450 debtors and the amount of the warrants was 284.4 million euros.

The Audit Service believes that the digitization of the Courts and the process of issuing and monitoring the warrants, if implemented correctly, will solve most of the problems and weaknesses found in Courts.

Some of the serious weaknesses seen by the Audit Service are the following:

  • Incomplete information of the accused leading to difficulties in finding him/her
  • Non effective implementation of the measures by the courts to receive the amount before issuing a warrant
  • Unsatisfactory control mechanism by the Courts to safeguard the correctness of all warrants issued
  • Some District Courts do not handle correctly warrants issued against bankrupt companies and persons who have died.

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