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Attorney General on work of Research Committee on naturalizations

Asked to comment on reactions due to the fact that the verdict of the Research Committee on naturalizations will not be released in its entirety, Attorney General George Savvides told O Phileleftheros that the main concern is to take culprits to justice and for this to happen police investigations have to take place correctly without legal obstacles and warnings, which will undoubtedly occur due to the reckless release of any verdicts.

George Savvides said that in his capacity as Attorney General of the Republic he is responsible of making sure that any information that might lead to criminal investigation for criminal offences must be safeguarded.

Asked whether the work of the Committee will be open to the press, he said that this is up to the Committee, which is an independent judicial body.

He also said that he agreed with the Committee members, which will issue interim reports and when there is suggestion to remove citizenships he will provide the necessary advice to the Council of Ministers. Moreover if there are any suspicions about criminal offences instructions will be given to the Police for investigation.

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