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Asylum system blocked due to 31,000 requests

The House Interior Committee yesterday discussed the problems emerging from the installation of a barbed wire for the residents of the affected areas, who will now need to use a code so that the electronic gates will open to go to their homes. Some35 houses that are located in the dead zone are affected from this arrangement.

Kostas Konstantinou, permanent secretary of the Interior Ministry, justified the decision saying that the asylum system has been blocked since there are 31,000 asylum requests pending, something that is unprecedented. As he added, during the first six months of 2022 alone, there have been 12,000 arrivals which is the number of the whole 2021.

Most of these people, as he said, come to the government-controlled areas through the green line.

The community heads of the nearby areas expressed their doubts, said that some people were victimized, and wondered about the United Nations letting the migrants pass.

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