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Asprokremmos 2 mcm short of overflowing; new inflow record expected any day

Asprokremos dam needs another 2 million cubic metres (mcm) of water before it overflows and based on current estimates the island’s second biggest dam should overflow early next week, a senior Water Development department official told philenews on Friday.

Earlier this week, the Water Development department announced special traffic arrangement so that visits to the dam will be carried out safely and with the minimum of inconvenience.

Police issued another announcement yesterday, informing the public of these measures.

The official said that the announcement was issued not because the dam was expected to overflow in the next few hours but in order to avoid traffic congestion and to avert street vendors arguing over spots. The street vendors have already made their appearance on site, he added.

As things stand now and based on the met office forecast for the next few days, the dam is expected to overflow next week. But he noted that rainfall predictions were not 100% accurate.

“Based on forecasts currently before us, we do not expect significant inflow into Asprokremmos today and tomorrow so as to cover the 2 million cubic metres needed for it to overflow. A lot of rain is expected on Sunday and if the forecast proves correct, we will get a significant part of the amount therefore by the first few days of the week, the dam will overflow,” he said.

He added that the announcement was issued days in advance to give due notice and so avoid congestion. “What is important is that Asprokremmos dam will overflow irrespective if it is in a few days and not today,” he said.

The measures being taken at the dam  are:

  • the road above the dam will be closed and free of vehicles from February 28 and for as long as the dam overflows so that pedestrians can move about safely. Vehicles will be diverted on to the old Paphos-Limassol road.
  • access to the dam by private vehicle will be allowed only from the western side of the dam (Xeros Potamos bridge).
  • access by bus and other big vehicles will be permitted only from the east side (Nikoklia road)
  • street vendors will only be allowed to set up off the roads.

Visitors are urged to follow the instructions of department officials and of police and to show respect for the environment by not littering.

Asprokremmos dam is now 96.4% full compared to 28.1% on the same day last year.

Overall, the island’s dams are 75.1% full in what is shaping up to be one of the best winters in recent memory.

Kalavasos dam is currently 91.4% full and it too is expected to overflow. Kourris, the island’s biggest dam is 64.8% full compared to only 16.2% on the same day last year.

So far, since October 1 2018 a total of 190.229 mcm have flowed into the island’s dams — which means that they need less than 2 mcm before breaking the decade’s record for total annual inflow which currently stands at 191.754 mcm collected in 2011/2012.

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