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Arrests for forged travel document, stolen property

Paphos district court has remanded a 35 year old Iranian in custody for three days as police investigate a case of forgery and possession of fake documents.

The man was arrested at Paphos airport on January 11 where he had gone to fly to Dublin with a Lithuanian ID which at first sight appears to be forged. During questioning he reportedly admitted to buying the ID from Istanbul  for €2,300.

In a separate case, a 44 year old man was arrested as part of an investigation of possession of stolen property.

The man’s car was stopped on the Pyrgos-Limnitis road where he was charged in writing for traffic offences.

During a search, police found €15,700 in cash in various bank notes and €11,000 in cheques in the car and another €4,000 on his person.

The 44 year old did not give adequate explanation as to where he acquired the money and he was arrested, police said.





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