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Arrests after burglaries, thefts in Paphos

Paphos police have made four arrests in three different cases of suspected burglary and theft, including one man caught inside a house.

The 38 year old was arrested after a woman returning home spotted someone in her house and alerted the police. Police arrived quickly on the scene and found the man in the house. In his possession he had fishing gear belonging to the family of the 34 year old woman. The woman, who is Russian, told police than 500 euro in cash and a silver chain worth had also been stolen.

In another case on Tuesday,  police arrested a 17 year old and a 19 year old from Romania when their car was seen moving suspiciously in the Tremithousa area. The two drove off, police in pursuit, and was finally cut off after becoming involved in an accident.

In it police found burglary tools, mobile telephones, knives and other items for which they could not give adequate explanation.

The car had been reported stolen earlier that day. The two youths are under arrest. An arrest warrant was outstanding for the 17 year old as a suspect in a burglary in Paphos for which two other youths were arrested on September 22.

In the third case, a Paphos resident reported to police that his chequebook had been stolen.

Police found that a cheque from the chequebook had been issued in Timi by a 25 year old who was arrested. Police are looking for two others suspected of being involved in the same case.



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