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Archbishop Chrysostomos calls for vigilance in the face of Turkish aggression


‘No illusions should dampen our fighting spirit’, said the head of the Church of Cyprus in his Christmas message to the faithful, noting that the Turkish invaders behaviour calls for vigilance.

In a Christmas circular read in all churches after mass, Archbishop Chrysostomos said that Jesus came to protect those unjustly treated and help those fighting for justice, so his message ‘does not allow us to lose hope but demands of us to continue the struggle with unwavering faith in our just cause’.

It is the 47th year, he added, that Cypriots celebrate Christmas in a divided homeland with as refugees, uprooted from their homes, while the fate of many missing persons is yet to be determined.

Archbishop Chrysostomos called for unity and determination in claiming our just rights and continuing our demand for the withdrawal of Turkish occupation troops and the return of refugees to their homes.

‘We should be prepared for every eventuality, including a military confrontation, as the Turkish invaders’ aggression and expansionist plans might impose such a possibility’, he stressed.

Turning our eyes towards the justice of God, we express our love on the day of this great celebration, the Archbishop noted.

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