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Aradippou Municipality fails to comply with disabled parking obligations

The Cypriot Confederation of Disabled Organisations (Kysoa) has reached out to Aradippou Municipality to protest the latter’s failure to comply with Cypriot and UN legislation as regards the creation of disabled parking at its premises, according to Phileleftheros.

In a letter to the municipality by Kysoa’s president Christakis Nicolaides, it is noted that Aradippou’s municipal authority needs to dedicate parking spaces for the disabled public visiting the premises as well as for disabled municipal employees working there, and clearly mark them with the appropriate signage to prevent non-disabled drivers from using them.

The slots would also need to be of the appropriate proportions to allow people in wheelchairs or those with limited mobility to comfortably enter and exit their vehicles.

It is paramount that the disabled parking area, the letter continues, is placed near the building’s main entrance or other entrance with easy access to an elevator and free of obstacles that may obstruct movement.

It’s emphasised that disabled parking and the pathway that leads to the building need to be sheltered from the weather, and also need to be lighted appropriately.

Finally, it’s requested that disabled parking and the building are on the same level, alternatively ramps would need to be provided in case a pavement is obstructing the way.

Meanwhile, the blind are also sidelined with the Pancyprian Organisation of the Blind reporting that the few zebra crossings suitable for the blind and visually impaired (2-3 per city) are falling into disrepair or discontinued altogether. The organisation is calling on all competent authorities to tackle this serious issue.

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