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Anxiety, depression of people with HIV/AIDS almost doubles from 2007 to 2021

The number of people in Cyprus with HIV/AIDS who had experienced anxiety or depression problems in the last 12 months almost increased from 36% in 2007 to 63.6% in 2021.

This is what a study carried out by the University of Nicosia and focusing on the psychological and social needs of the community of HIV-positive people shows.

The study, released on Monday, also showed that – to a lesser extent – the stigma and prejudices towards HIV-positive people still exist.

The problems that cause stress in HIV-positive people that were reported in the 2007 survey, such as financial problems, lack of work, difficulty to have access to the Gregorios (AIDS) Clinic, loneliness and social isolation, were reported again in the latest one.

In addition, there have been worrying reports, such as stress as a result of substance use but also due to the lack of HIV drugs observed in 2020 – as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, suicidal tendencies were also declared.

Other findings indicate that 97.4% of participants receive regular treatment, while 81.8% are aware that the virus is undetectable and that they are noncommunicable.

At the same time, 8% of the participants said they always reveal their HIV status to sexual partners, while 53.8% reveal it sometimes.

And 37.7% of the participants state that they have a stable partner and 2/3 of them have shared their HIV status with their partners.



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