NewsLocalAnother elderly woman in state hospital ward treated in disrespectful way (PHOTO)

Another elderly woman in state hospital ward treated in disrespectful way (PHOTO)

Days only after a photograph of an elderly woman left naked and uncovered on her bed in a state hospital ward caused an uproar on social media a similar incident came to light on Wednesday.

This time it concerns a 72-year-old woman who suffered a stroke two weeks ago and was left almost naked, dirty and smelly in a Nicosia General Hospital ward.

And after family members of the vulnerable woman asked nursing staff to do something about it they were subjected to inappropriate behaviour by a couple of them as well.

This is what Philenews reports citing the patient’s daughter who also said she had refused to leave – as ordered – until her mother got a humane treatment.

That’s when she was violently dragged out of the ward by two nurses even though she kept telling them she had been recently operated on the spine herself.

She immediately alerted the Police and plans to file a written complaint within the day, as well as report the incident to the Ministry of Health, State Health Services Organisation (Okypy) and other relevant bodies.

She told Philenews that even if her mother had not been the ‘victim’ in this case she would have had the same reaction.

“It doesn’t mean that because they are old they should be treated this way, so disrespectful. She had clean clothes in her locker and even if she didn’t have clean clothes they should have alerted us to bring them some,” she also said.


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