NewsLocalAnother delivery man dies, as protection legislation remains blocked

Another delivery man dies, as protection legislation remains blocked


With parliament hindered from voting on measures that would provide protection gear for coffee and food delivery people, yet another man died on the streets, this time in Nicosia, once again exposing the risks of a low paid job, subject on most occasions, to exploitation, both wage and hours wise, particularly of third country employees.

Christos Christodoulou, 35, was the 29th person to die in 27 road accidents this year and the 9th motorcyclist, stats that once again have police left wondering on what additional action they might take, since relevant legislation was blocked just before summer parliament recess.

MPs were discussing a bill on providing delivery people with air bags, knee patches and elbow protection, but according to a Philenews report, employers posed strong reaction, so it failed to go through the committees stage and currently remains shelved.

On a different initiative, the transport ministry will be subsidising the purchase of air bags for motorcyclists in an effort to reduce fatal and serious injury accidents.

Christodoulou was killed when his delivery bike was hit by a double cabin car on the Bata roundabout in Pallouriotissa. His wife is expecting their first child.

The driver of the car, who has been called for questioning, was attempting a right turn and blocked the way of the delivery man, in a collision that led to the man’s death. A helmet was found at the scene, belonging to the victim.

The Nicosia traffic department is investigating the circumstances of the fatal accident.

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