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Animal Party to go ahead with Molos dog ban protest

Animal Party Cyprus said it would go ahead with a planned protest against a dog ban at the Molos part of Limassol’s coastal promenade on Sunday afternoon a despite a decision of the initial organisers to cancel it.

In an announcement, Animal Party Cyprus said it had supported the Limassol Dog Owners planned protest. “Unfortunately for reasons we do not understand, the protest has been canceled by the organisers,” it said.

And it added: “Animal Party Cyprus decided to support the citizens’ request to move freely with their pet dogs, which is the democratic right of every citizen. We have decided that the event will be carried out properly, peacefully and responsibly.

“With this, we want to send a message to everyone, that we support the policy of the Limassol Municipality, regarding the observance of the Dog Law and those who do not abide by this, to be requested to leave. But we say NO to the universal ban on the movement of citizens with their dogs (something which is normal in EU countries, the USA, Australia and all developed countries).

It asked all participants to carry all that is necessary to clean waste by their dogs and place it accordingly in the bins provided by the municipality. “All dogs are to be kept under control, on a leash at all times, as the law demands. We will have the right to ask anyone to leave if any behaviour is not respectful by themselves or their dogs.”

On Saturday, Limassol Dog Owners group said it was cancelling the event for a number of reasons, including the fact that public awareness had been achieved, the unexpected large number of participants,  dog health and safety, public safety and order, dog image to society, current aggressive behaviour in society, members unrelated to their cause and lack of discipline in society.

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