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Animal Party Cyprus berates hunters for abandoning dogs

The Animal Party Cyprus said on Monday that the majority of Cyprus’ thousands of abandoned dogs were hunting dogs.

The party said that this was demonstrated by surveys it has been carrying out over the past four years, adding that a large number were found immediately after the start of the hunting season.

And it censored not only hunters for abandoning dogs but also the Game Service which issued a detailed announcement to hunters on how they should conduct themselves in view of the start of the summer hunting season, but did not make a single reference to hunting dogs — hunters’ main companion and ‘worker’ on their hunting outings.

Instead hunters were told to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, wear light clothing, wear a cap and sunglasses, drink plenty of liquid, avoid alcohol, have a valid hunting licence, have a valid gun licence, report any illegality, not light any fires, comply with all the written and unwritten rules of hunting, show respect to fellow hunters and show respect to foreign property.

“Why were hunters not given any advice as regards hunting dogs and why was no reference made to the need to register dogs?” the party asked.

Moreover why was no reference made to to the number of hunting dogs that accompany hunters and what is the Game Service or the Hunters Association doings regards abandoned hunting dogs, it added.


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