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Animal abuse legislation to get tougher, with a 10 thousand fine for a first offence


MPs are working through a tougher bill against animal abusers, including raising fines as a deterrent, just a couple of weeks following a horrendous incident in which pupils at the Paralimni Lyceum threw chickens and rabbits off the balconies of their school, to ‘celebrate’ the new school year.

Following a meeting of the parliamentary Environment Committee, DISY MP Eleni Stavrou said that this bill will go hand in hand with raising fines against the illegal throwing of fireworks, particularly during evening hours, a phenomenon that’s becoming more frequent and is risking the safety of citizens.

The new tougher bill on animal protection and prosperity was concluded today and includes ways of more effective implementation, strengthening animal protection committees across all provinces and improving coordination.

Fines will be raised, along with the possibility of imprisonment for individuals violating the legislation. A first offence conviction will be raised from a 1700 euro fine to 10 thousand and in the case of a 2nd conviction or subsequent violations, the fine will be raised from 3400 to 20 thousand euro.

The bill will prohibit people from keeping dogs tied up all the time, or restricting dogs and cats on terraces, balconies and verandas.

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