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Anarchy prevails in revamped Makarios Avenue in Nicosia, lawmaker says

The revamped central Makarios Avenue in Nicosia opened in October as a “shared space” for pedestrians and authorised vehicles but anarchy seems to prevail, according to lawmakers.

The capital’s Municipality had announced at the time that the only traffic allowed down Makarios Avenue would be buses, taxis, emergency vehicles and the vehicles of residents or shop owners on the road.

However, House Transport Committee chairman Marinos Moushoutas on Thursday said it was obvious there is anarchy on Makarios Avenue – in the sense that no one controls who comes in and who goes out.

He also said that, over the past six months, the House has been calling for legislation to be tabled clarifying who is allowed down the central avenue and ensuring inspection procedures. This has yet to be done, he added.

Moushoutas also said a constant police presence on Makarios Avenue is not necessary if technology indicating whether road users are moving legally or illegally is properly used.

A police officer’s computer and overall control systems used should display all details of a vehicle when entering its registration number, he added.

At the same time, a representative of the Nicosia Municipality raised the issue of personal data by any use of cameras checking whether vehicles using the avenue are legally doing so or not.

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