InsiderBusinessAlphamega Hypermarkets launches Click & Collect service

Alphamega Hypermarkets launches Click & Collect service

Alphamega Hypermarkets recently launched a new Click & Collect service, the company said in a press release on Monday.

Click & Collect allows consumers to collect the products they have ordered via the Alphamega Hypermarkets e-store, free of charge, instead of using the company’s home delivery service.

“The Click & Collect service offers customers maximum convenience and speed, while it allows them to choose when to collect their groceries,” Alphamega stated.

The process is simple and user-friendly. The customer first adds the groceries they would like to buy to their cart on the Alphamega Hypermarkets e-store and then selects the Click & Collect service, booking their preferred collection slot. Then, they can easily collect their groceries from the designated self-service lockers that are located in the pick-up area, by using the access code that was sent to them after they placed their order.

The Click & Collect service features lockers of three different temperatures, so that products are kept fresh and unaffected by weather conditions. In particular, there are lockers for frozen products, refrigerated goods as well as for products kept at room temperature.

The Click & Collect service is currently available at Alphamega Hypermarkets’ Akropolis and Polemidia stores. The service is expected to expand to three more stores across Cyprus by the end of the year, while the chain’s long-term goal is to gradually bring it to an even larger number of stores.

For now, the service offers two collection slots and extended timeframes, to help consumers get used to the way the service works. The number of collection slots will increase in the coming period.

Alphamega Hypermarkets’ Chief Information Officer, Andreas Demertiou stated: “Our long-standing goal is to offer customers, who have honoured us with their trust over the years, a pleasant and improved shopping experience, that focuses on the ever-changing needs of the modern consumer. To this end, we are constantly expanding our range of services, while adopting innovative practices in the field of e-commerce. Our new Click & Collect service is fully in line with this philosophy, while it saves the customers’ time, making the shopping experience we provide more enjoyable and tailored to their needs. We have worked tirelessly over the past few months to design and implement the Click & Collect service, and we are confident that it will be embraced by the general public”.

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