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Alcohol and drug use among five major causes of fatal road accidents in 2022

Five are the major causes behind last year’s fatal road accidents in Cyprus which recorded a total of 37, according to the Police who are to carry out a new prevention campaign.

This is what Police Force spokesman Christos Andreou said on Wednesday, before listing the causes:

-Use of safety belt. Out of 14 drivers and passengers killed last year nine or 64% were not wearing seat belts.

-Use of a protective helmet. Out of the 12 motorcycle drivers and passengers killed last year seven, or 58.7%, were not wearing helmets. And six of them were aged 25 years and under. Four of them were cyclists and one a scooter driver.

-Alcohol and drug use. This issue is of great concern to traffic police since more and more drivers are behind the wheel while using drugs. The figures show that eight of the total of 37 fatalities were intoxicated or on drugs or all together. Specifically, two had consumed alcohol and the other six were high on alcohol and drugs together, a highly dangerous cocktail that led to their death.

-Eighteen of last year’s 37 road deaths (48.6%) were foreigners – 15 permanent residents of Cyprus and three were visitors. Traffic police will intensify campaigns to inform foreigners about how-to drive in Cyprus and will give training lessons where most of them live in order to save lives.

-Illegal right turn. Eight citizens perished last year for simply attempting a right turn, either legally or carelessly. In one case a driver died when attempting a U-turn.

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