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Alarm bells over lost Covid generation of children

Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic children have suffered significant and growing consequences, said Commissioner for the Protection of children Despo Michaelidou who also warned of a lost Covid generation.

In a report, Michaelidou also said that while symptoms among infected children remain mild, infections are rising and the longer-term impact on the education, nutrition. And that the well-being of an entire generation of children and young people can be life-altering.

The longer the crisis persists, the deeper its impact on children’s education, health, nutrition and well-being and the future of an entire generation is at risk, she added.

“The lack of political will to take action on the mental health of children during the implementation of restrictive Covid-19 measures has exposed children to further harm,” she noted.

“The restriction of children’s right to socialize, get entertained, to play and communicate has had a negative effect on their mental health,” she added.

She also called on the government, partners and the private sector to listen to children and prioritize their needs.



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