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Akinci opts in favour of Ankara’s agenda

With an agenda primarily serving Ankara and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan personally, Mustafa Akinci is expected to meet with President Anastasiades at the dinner on April 16th at Elizabeth Spehar’s residence. Mustafa Akinci’s positions over the past few days, especially after the announcement of the meeting, show that he is not focusing on the resumption of talks but rather on pressuring Nikos Anastasiades to satisfy the Turkish demands, mainly relating to natural gas.

Mustafa Akinci’s reports in an interview with the Arab channel Al Jazeera, as well as the new NAVTEX issued by Turkey, show a priori that he will come to the meeting with Anastasiades with hard-hitting positions. This indicates that the meeting will most probably not end on a positive note – as mentioned by diplomatic sources – since President Anastasiades is not willing to enter a discussion on these issues.

The same sources do not exclude tactical movements from Ankara in cooperation with the occupation regime. That is to push President Anastasiades to such an extent that he is unwilling to start the talks following the blame game. Or otherwise (which is considered unlikely) to meet their requirements.

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