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AKEL MP: “Online accommodation rentals keep dozens of our villages alive”

House Commerce Committee resumed discussion today on the draft bill for regulating online short-term rental accommodation.

The bill suggests that properties receive a special registry number which will be shown in their online profile. Long-term renters will also have to acquire a licence and apartment owners will have to obtain the approval of the other residents in a building before they register their flats to rent online.

Committee Chairman Angelos Votsis said that discussion is now focusing on how the register will function. “We are trying to come up with ways to tackle this new phenomenon in tourism, effectively. For the moment we are debating whether to include apartments in residential areas in the bill. It is an issue that has not yet been clarified.”

AKEL MP Costas Costa said that his party is not opposed to the bill but “we do not want – in order to solve a problem – to take rushed decisions that will create more problems and possibly hurt businesses, on which hundreds of families rely for their income and which keep dozens of our villages alive.”

Discussion on the bill will conclude in 15 days.

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