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Akel: Alleged US demand for Cyprus to send Russian weapons to Ukraine must be clarified

Main Opposition Akel on Monday called on the government to officially take a stand on reports that the US demand from Cyprus military aid contribution to war-torn Ukraine.

In a written statement, letwing Akel demands clarifications on specific reports saying that Washington wants the National Guard’s Russian weapons to be sent to Ukraine’s military forces.

“The issue is extremely serious and cannot remain vague by the government…before the House Foreign and European Affairs Committee on March 8, 2022, the Foreign Minister had ruled out the possibility of Cyprus sending military equipment to Ukraine,” it said.

“Akel strongly opposes its opposition towards the possible satisfaction of the US request,” it added.

The military involvement of Cyprus in the war in Ukraine neither contributes to peace and the end of bloodshed nor does it protect the best interests of the country, it also said.

“At a time when reports indicate the government is ready to comply with such US demands Turkey, the occupying power in Cyprus, has been declared a ‘peacekeeping force’ in Ukraine, although it refuses to impose any sanctions against Russia,” Akel said.


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