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Akamas farmers demand compensation from state

Akamas’ livestock farmers want the state to offer compensation because the area is environmentally protected and in view of the upcoming implementation of the Akamas plan.

According to philenews, the Farmer’s Association of Cyprus has prepared a memorandum containing five requests by Akamas’ farmers.

Among others, the farmers request from the state to grant them permits to use farms in Akamas and Laona, to increase the subsidy for goat farming on the peninsula and to create initiatives for new and old farmers to remain in the profession.

They also request for the Akamas and Laona areas to be declared as “less favoured areas.”

In the memorandum, they argue that the state should seriously consider the consequence on their profession as a result of the implementation of the Akamas plan.

According to the European Commission, areas designated as “less-favoured”, agricultural production or activity is more difficult because of natural handicaps. Due to the handicap to farming there is a significant risk of agricultural land abandonment and thus a possibility of loss of biodiversity, desertification, forest fires and the loss of highly valuable rural landscape.

To mitigate this, EU member states, implement a “Less Favoured Areas (LFA)” payment scheme.

The Akamas plan, expected to be completed by 2022, will designate the Akamas peninsula as a National Park.

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