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Agros youth meeting to focus on recycling, reusing and reducing waste


Recycling, reusing and reducing waste will be the focus of an international youth meeting which will take place in the village of Agros in the context of a programme under the aegis of Cyprus Youth Organisations and Erasmus+, organised by Youth Dynamics NGO and entitled “4R – Recycle – Reuse – Reduce – Rethink”.

 Youth Dynamics said the programme hosted in Agros between August 19 and 26  will see 45 young participants from five countries  — Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Cyprus.”

The programme’s subject is reusing recyclable materials.

“Through the programme, young participants will discover the variety of materials or objects which can be reused as recyclable materials, the possibilities offered by these materials while they will also be educated about recycling and reusing recyclable materials,” it said.

This exchange, it adds, aims “to raise awareness in young people and positively influence their views and habits about reduction, recycling and reusing of materials as well as on the environmental and financial benefits the correct management of materials has.”

The exchange’s activity programme includes many methods and techniques of non typical learning such as practical workshops, open debates, role playing, group sessions, presentations and simulations as well as educational visits aiming for participants to be acquainted with the natural wealth, the history, the culture and the customs of Cyprus.

After the end of the programme all participants will be given a Youthpass certificate which certifies the skills and knowledge acquired through non-typical learning activities the press release concludes.

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