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After weekend’s huge wildfire, scientists warn of serious floods and landslides in Autumn

After the weekend’s huge wildfire in Cyprus described by officials as the worst in the country’s history scientists are warning of serious floods and landslides in the Autumn.

More than 50 square kilometres of forest and farmland have been destroyed, and Yiannis Sofocleous of the Cyprus Institute Center’s Hydrology and Water Management warned that preventive measures should be taken promptly.

That is, anti-corrosion and anti-flood projects to ensure maximum protection from nature’s fury.

“Such projects will protect the area and at the same time preserve its topography in order to regenerate and regain forests and agricultural crops,” he told Philenews.

“Regeneration in burnt area takes place at lowest conditions that an ecosystem can reach after it has been completely destroyed. Supportive actions should be taken from the Department of Forestry and other relevant services, such as the Department of Water Development and local authorities,” he added.

The scientist also warned that a burnt area cannot be left completely on its own with the expectation that it will recover on its own.


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