NewsLocalActivists demand immediate suspension of works at Limassol Municipal Gardens-PHOTOS

Activists demand immediate suspension of works at Limassol Municipal Gardens-PHOTOS

Limassol activists have called for the immediate suspension of works at the Municipal Gardens which basically destroy old-aged trees while local authorities try to upgrade and extend the playgrounds there.

This is what Philenews reports, adding that “The Gardens Are Ours” group members also demand talks between them and relevant authorities to begin promptly aiming towards the drafting of a masterplan.

The ongoing works are carried out after a donation by a Limassol-based private company of Byelorussian interests and the Municipality has been harshly criticized over this in social media.

Protesters argue that the whole project is carried out without any public consultation taking place first and without a completed masterplan.

“And without an architectural competition and the opening of tenders. In other words, without any transparency and without all required permits and approvals,” they also said in a written statement.

“A historic site of special cultural, social and environmental importance is turned into a concrete and laminated “theme’’ playground,” it added.

As for the Municipality, it had responded to the criticism with a written explanation saying that all works are carried out under the constant supervision of its competent Technical Department.

And that this is made up of engineers and a geologist so as not to affect any tree there.

“Moreover, the plan is for existing greenery to further get enriched with the planting of over 3,650 new shrubs and colorful plants,” it also said.

“Moreover, all new outdoor toys, platforms, lighting as well as new irrigation system and necessary concrete-made foundations to support the toys are done with the safety of the children in mind,” it added.

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