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Action plan to combat illegal dumping of waste

To combat illegal dumping of waste all across Cyprus the government has made it essential for trucks transporting waste to be fitted with a GPS by February 11, 2022.

The decree issued by the government is part of efforts to prevent indiscriminate dumping.

But it went one step further and  also drafted an action plan so as to achieve the most efficient and effective use of material derived from the treatment of construction and demolition waste.

The action plan was prepared by a Technical Committee consisting of representatives of the Mining Service, Ministry of Interior, Department of Public Works, Department of Environment and Department of Geological Surveys.

A report points out the existing management framework of the recyclable materials from their processing, the problems and difficulties that are identified as well as actions already taken towards their solution.

As for the GPS requirement for all trucks that transport waste at a fee, this will allow authorities to locate the person responsible in the event of illegal disposal.

It will help boost physical checks, using technology to prevent indiscriminate illegal dumping.

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