NewsLocalACTA says 'no obligation to cover airline tickets'

ACTA says ‘no obligation to cover airline tickets’

Travel agents are not legally obliged to cover standalone airline tickets, the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) clarified on Thursday, following Cobalt’s decision to suspend operations.

In a written statement, it said that members were having with great difficulty to service affected passengers.

It said that certain points still needed clarification but set out what passengers should do as a first step:

  1.  With the help of the Transport Ministry, passengers will be assisted in repatriating within the first week of the Cobalt announcement
  2. For all other cases, arrangements must be made by passengers who should contact their travel agents
  3. Passengers who have paid for their airline ticket by credit card and have not travelled can contact their bank for compensation

Under the law, travel agents are not obliged to cover tickets sold on their own (and not as a package), it added.

ACTA also requested a meeting with the ministry to record the repercussions from the grounding of Cobalt’s fleet and to find ways to support efforts by its members.


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