NewsLocalAbsence of road education leads to loss of lives

Absence of road education leads to loss of lives

In view of the announcement of the Transport Minister for road safety classes at schools, Andreas Papas, former Director of the Traffic Department and a Road Safety Consultant, said that the absence of road education for decades has led to the loss of hundreds of lives in Cyprus.

It is worth noting that just during the 2008-2017 period, 600 people have lost their lives.

Andreas Papa has given lectures for 17 years to 65,000 soldiers and other company employees and has formed his own views regarding accidents and their causes. He believes that since children are not properly informed about the dangers at home, the State has to undertake their road education beginning from the first class of the elementary school and ending at the last class of lyceum. He noted that the teachers are the most appropriate to inform the children after attending some seminars themselves.

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