NewsLocalA total of 2,704 COVID-19 cases, 32 deaths reported in Cyprus

A total of 2,704 COVID-19 cases, 32 deaths reported in Cyprus

A total of 2,704 COVID-19 cases and 32 deaths have been reported in the Republic of Cyprus marking a fatality rate of 1.2 percent.

This is what the National Surveillance Report as of Tuesday October 20, 2020 and released on Friday said.

Among these cases, 8.6% are health-care workers (232), 1.7% physicians (46), 4.5% nurses (121), 0.4% other health occupations (10), and 2% auxiliary staff (55).

The median age of cases is 35 years (range of 25-52 years) and 52.8% are male while 47.2% are female.

Overall, of 2,448 cases for which the place of exposure was known, locally acquired infections, that is index cases and close-contacts of confirmed cases, were 1,882 (76.9%).

In the last 14 days (October 7-20), of 805 cases sampled and notified, 10.8% (87) were imported, 82.1% (661) were locally-acquired and 7.1% (57) are unknown.

In total, 9.9% (268) of cases received hospital care, and 24 (9%) were still hospitalised – either for treatment of COVID-19 symptoms or for pre-existing conditions, although recovered from the novel virus.

The median age of hospitalized patients was 60 years (range of 47-72 years) and 61.2% are males.

There were two patients in intensive care unit and both intubated up until Tuesday, October 20, including deaths/discharged on that day.

Among cases alive, 1,581 (59.2%) cases have recovered – without symptoms and with two negative tests following their diagnosis. Or released 21 days after diagnosis.

A total of 444,911 tests have been performed as of October 20 – 50,794.7 per 100,000 population.


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