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A percentage of students pass exams by cheating

Maria Kramvia, professor at the Technological University of Cyprus, spoke about the phenomenon of students cheating in order to pass their exams.

As she said, there are many students who achieve their evaluation by “using” the work of a third person, meaning they pay someone to do the work on their behalf or even to take the exam on their behalf. As she said, due to the pandemic, this phenomenon has increased because of the use of online exams.

Some of the ways to face this phenomenon are the following:

  • Live monitoring on the spot
  • Bio-metrics
  • Random position of students
  • Use the same questions but with different multiple choices
  • Different questions to each student

As she said, teachers have to explain to students that they must prepare appropriately for the exams and not to find recourse to the easy way out. It is also proposed that universities introduce a Code of Honor that has already been implemented in many institutions abroad.

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