NewsLocalA Merry sunny chilly Christmas

A Merry sunny chilly Christmas


A high pressure system is affecting Cyprus.

Clear skies for most of this Christmas, turning partly cloudy at intervals in late afternoon.

Winds will initially be light variable force three, later turning southwesterly to northwesterly, light to moderate force three to four over slight seas.

Temperatures will rise to 16 degrees Celsius inland, 18 in coastal regions and 7 over the mountains.

Mostly clear skies this evening, turning partly overcast at intervals.

Winds will be northwesterly to southwesterly, light force three over calm to slight seas.

Temperatures will drop to four degrees Celsius inland, 8 in coastal regions and -1 over the mountains, with frost expected to form in mountainous and semi-mountainous regions, as well as inland areas, at dawn.

Boxing Day will be a slightly different proposition, as conditions turn increasingly overcast at intervals, with sunny spells.

Monday and Tuesday will see light showers, but temperatures will go up to the seasonal average.

More than 20 centimetres of snow were recorded on Troodos square this morning.

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