NewsLocal"A Cyprus of equal opportunities is possible," former Rector Christofides says

“A Cyprus of equal opportunities is possible,” former Rector Christofides says

The future belongs to the innovators, the daring, the visionaries, independent presidential candidate and former University of Cyprus Rector Constantinos Christofides, said after officially submitting his candidacy on Thursday.

“Today we are surrounded by huge dangers: national and social,” Christofides said and called on citizens to ask themselves what would make them proud and what kind of country they would want their children to live in.

Christofides invited people to judge candidates according to their characters, ideas, philosophies, goals and plans. “Decide not with a party criterion, nor narrow personal interest, but with a criterion of how our country can improve. A Cyprus of equal opportunities is possible. We just have to believe it. The future belongs to the innovators, the daring, the visionaries. So, we will fight for this dark, but at the same time bright homeland, for the other Cyprus,” he said.

Replying to questions, Christofides said that in Cyprus, besides “the wall of Turkish occupation,” there is another wall, “one that separates those who have access to power and those who don’t.”

This wall, has been “built by the political system for 60 years. Along with the wall of occupation, we also want to tear down the social wall,” he stressed.

Asked to comment on his expectations for the election, Christofides said he is optimistic as more and more people are embracing his candidacy.

Artist Andreas Ladommatos, who proposed Christofides’ candidacy said that the former Rector is “a straight, just, incorruptible man. A worthy man who can govern, manage and handle many things,” he said, citing as an example the management of €1.5 billion in funds for the University of Cyprus.

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