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A Cypriot doctor offers help to people in need all over the world

Dr. George Makrygiannis, is the Head of Mission of the Volunteer Doctors Cyprus, aiming to help the victims of wars and natural disasters.

He returned to Cyprus a few days ago from the borders of Romania-Ukraine where he travelled as part of the organization in order to provide, together with other doctors and nurses, the necessary medical care to the Ukrainian refugees who were forced to leave their homeland.

Speaking about his experience to philenews, Dr. Makrygiannis said that every time the victims are the same, people who are forced to abandon their homes and properties. As he said “we are trying to relieve them in every way.” He added that at the Romania-Ukraine borders there is a mobile unit in which in addition to their organization, the Médecins du Monde Greece also participate.

Speaking specifically about his experience from the Romania-Ukraine borders, he said they mainly met women and children since the men are left behind to fight. As he noted they are in very bad psychological state because they abandon their country with the minimum.


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