NewsLocalA breezy 30 and rising steadily, but dust settles

A breezy 30 and rising steadily, but dust settles


A high pressure system is affecting the island and temperatures are gradually moving to summery levels, according to the latest Met Office prognosis, but a  harmful thin layer of dust persists and is expected to do so through to next week, causing a high degree of discomfort.

Clear skies today, with increasing low cloud however on the western half of the island and turning overcast on the mountains as well.

Winds will be light to moderate, force three to four and locally moderate force four, turning strong force four to five in windward coastal regions, over moderate seas on the eastern coasts and slight to moderate on the rest of the coastal regions.

Temperatures will rise to 30 degrees Celsius inland, 28 on the eastern and southeastern coastal regions, 24 on the west coast, 26 on the rest of the coastal regions and 22 on the highest reaches of the Troodos mountains.

Fine this evening, but thin mist is expected to form in certain inland areas and in the east, during the early hours. Fifteen degrees Celsius inland, 17 on the coasts and 9 on the mountains.

More summery weather sets in starting tomorrow, with temperatures gradually rising to much higher than the seasonal average by Tuesday.

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