NewsLocal855 unaccompanied children to Cyprus – 196 at Pournara Center

855 unaccompanied children to Cyprus – 196 at Pournara Center

During a meeting of the House Equal Rights’ Committee, the issue of the disappearance of 14 unaccompanied children from Pournara Reception Center and other structures was discussed.

Official of the Social Services Department Chara Tapanidou, spoke on behalf of the Social Welfare Services that constitute the legal guardians of unaccompanied children, saying that due to increased refugee flows since last fall, there are currently 855 unaccompanied children in Cyprus requesting political asylum.

Maria Chrysomila spoke on behalf of the Asylum Service saying that 196 unaccompanied children are currently at Pournara Reception Center while others have already been transferred to other reception centers in Larnaca and Paphos.

The Chief of Police referred to the issue of the missing children, noting that their real data is not known due to lack of travel documents. He also said that the Police are doing their best to find them.

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