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81% of patients at Reference Hospital unvaccinated

Scientific director of Larnaka and Famagusta Hospitals Amalia Hadjiyianni said that the occupancy of the Famagusta General Hospitals that operates as a Reference Hospital for Covid-19 today increased to 96%, adding 81% of the patients receiving treatment there are unvaccinated.

She added that 67 patients are right now hospitalised of whom 13 are in the ACU. The median age of all patients is 63 years. The youngest patient is 31 and the oldest 93, both unvaccinated.

Larnaka General Hospital accommodates right now 35 COVID patients while Eden Rehab Center 127 who will be discharged after 10 days, according to the protocols.  She also said that 25 patients are in the Post Covid ward.

Replying to a question on whether there is lack of staff at the Reference Hospital due to the Omicron variant, Hadjiyianni said that more than 20 persons from all groups are absent but the rest of the staff are working overtime to cover the gap.

In another question about the sudden increase of patients’ admittance, Hadjiyianni said that they were prepared and the situation is under control due to the work of the staff.

Regarding vaccinations, Hadjiyianni said that people are rushing to get vaccinated and the people at the Vaccination Centers of Famagusta are working hard to serve all people. As she noted, according to studies the vaccines are effective and are protecting people since they are reducing the possibility of serious illness but also of death.

She also said that the Omicron variant may affect also people who have been vaccinated but the good thing is that symptoms are mild.

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