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62 state officials receive multiple pensions, Treasury figures show

The number of former and current state officials who receive multiple pensions is 62, according to Treasury figures.

The Treasury of the Republic was asked to send the figures to parliament in order to examine problems in current legislation which allow for a single person to receive up to three pensions.

The figures also showed that:

  • 37 former public employees are simultaneously receiving a wage, benefits and a professional pension even though they’re under 60 years of age – the age in which ministers and MPs can legally start receiving pensions.
  • 129 state officials (including the 37) are receiving both a wage and a pension from previous state positions they held.

According to Account General Rea Georgiou, officials receiving multiple pensions costs the state around €2 million.

Georgiou did not reveal the names of the officials included in the figures.

According to philenews, she will be asked to report to House Financial Committee in due time, as MPs wish to further examine the issue and propose amendments to the legislation.

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