NewsLocal60 night spots charged with Covid and other violations

60 night spots charged with Covid and other violations


Authorities continued their intensified checks on night clubs, bars and restaurants for Covid-19 violations, according to the revised health ministry protocols.

As of Friday evening, police conducted almost 1200 checks, charging 60 night spots with various violations.

Over the past 24 hours, 711 checks were conducted, with 12 businesses charged. In most cases, they did not have the necessary protection signalling or personnel were not wearing protective masks and gloves.

In addition, 21 businesses were charged for operating without loudspeaker or alcohol license. Some did have operating licenses from the relevant authority.

On Friday, 479 businesses were checked, with 6 charged for Covid violations, including two concerning a greater number of people than what is allowed in revised healthy ministry directives.

Police said they will continue intensified checks in all cities, ensuring the implementation of both Covid and other legislation on night spots.

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