NewsLocal50 booked overnight for breaking lockdown

50 booked overnight for breaking lockdown

Police booked 50 pedestrians and drivers for breaking the lockdown after carrying out 3852 checks  between 6 pm on Monday and 6 am on Tuesday.

The breakdown:

Nicosia: 1376 checks, 20 booked

Limassol: 766 checks, 14 booked

Larnaca: 512 checks, five booked

Paphos: 687 checks, eight booked

Famagusta: 173 checks, three booked

Morphou: 146 checks, none booked

Police HQ traffic unit: 156 checks, none booked

MMAD: 36 checks, none booked

Over the same time period, police carried out 838 checks on premises. There were no violations.

Labour Inspection Department checks 370 retail businesses, 95 construction sites for compliance

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