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46-year-old accused of child sexual abuse

A case of child sexual abuse and manipulation was brought to trial at the Limassol Criminal Court.

The accused is a 46-year-old foreigner who allegedly had sexual relations with a neighboring 13-year-old girl on at least three separate occasions from April until July 2021.

A relative of the girl realized that she had close relations with the 46-year-old and informed her parents, who then confronted her and she admitted to having sexual contact with that man.

The case reached the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Office at Police Headquarters, leading to the man’s arrest.

After the girl was inspected by a medical examiner, it was ascertained that her hymen was ruptured.

The 46-year-old is facing nine charges for similar offenses having occurred on at least three separate cases.

Court for the case is scheduled to meet on September 23.

The accused man has been detained until today when his lawyer will determine whether he should be detained until trial.

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