NewsLocal41 year old stabbed after tyre shop argument

41 year old stabbed after tyre shop argument

A 51 year old Greek Cypriot stabbed a 41 year old man from Romania after an argument at a tyre shop in Limassol on Wednesday night.

According to philenews, around 9 pm on Wednesday, the 41 year old visited the tyre shop to complain that his car had been damaged during a repair.

After the argument, the man started walking towards his home, nearby.

A 51 year old man who was in the tyre shop during the argument, allegedly followed him and stabbed him in the stomach.

The victim was transferred to Limassol General Hospital, where he underwent surgery. He is currently hospitalised.

Police arrested the 51 year old for facilitating investigations. He has reportedly given a voluntary statement to police, in which he admitted the stabbing and pointed officers to the location where he hid the knife.

Police are continuing investigations.

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