NewsLocal400 women escaped from the nightmare of violence

400 women escaped from the nightmare of violence

Some 400 women in Cyprus managed with the proper support to escape from the nightmare of violence, according to data of the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO), mentioned by SPAVO director Dr. Andri Andronikou.

Dr. Andronikou was speaking during a discussion on the policies implemented in Cyprus and Europe about gender-based violence that took place within the framework of the Femme Fest Cyprus.

Dr. Andronikou particularly spoke about the work offered by the House of Women in recent years, since it houses all services for women who are victims of violence. However, as she noted, the House does not offer legal representation and this is a gap that must be filled.

Another change needed, as she said, is the establishment of special teams in the Police that will be handling issues of violence, with policemen who will be trained to deal with such cases.


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