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39 year old woman scammed citizens out of tens of thousands of euro

The Nicosia District Court found a 39 year old woman guilty of fraud by false pretenses, while similar charges against her are pending in Paphos and Limassol District Courts.

According to Politis newspaper, the woman approached victims by claiming she is either an executive in shipping, telecommunication and oil companies or a manager of football players and artists, and convinced them to give her money in order to invest it for them.

Politis writes that she managed to scam a man from her village out of €85,000 by pretending that she is an executive in a Russian company. Initially, she convinced him to buy a car from her for €12,000, which she claimed that belonged to her boss. She also scammed the same man out of tens of thousands of euro by pretending that she would use it to buy five plots of land in Limassol Marina.

Her former husband reportedly told court that the woman’s criminal actions were the main reason that led to their divorce.

The Nicosia District Court will meet again on January 28 to decide on the woman’s sentence.

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