NewsLocal360 children sexually assaulted in 10 months

360 children sexually assaulted in 10 months

Since the beginning of 2021, the “House of Child” has handled 360 children, who have been victims of sexual assault of various forms. The number is shocking but according to experts, it is smaller than the actual problem existing in the society because it is certain that there are many children who have not yet found the courage to speak to the relevant services.

This data was revealed during a meeting at the Education Ministry where the leaflet “Break the silence, speak out” was presented. The leaflet provides useful information to young people regarding sexual assault. It will be distributed to all schools, private and public.

It explains what young people can do if they suffer sexual abuse, who can be the perpetrator and who can experience it. Additionally, useful information is provided about the young people’s right to say no if they do not wish to get involved in a sexual act.

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