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350-person cap at weddings and baptisms in effect as of today

The maximum number of 350 attendees at weddings and baptisms enters into force as of today, August 22, the Health Ministry reminded in an announcement earlier on Saturday.

The cap concerns the number of guests that may physically attend a meal or dinner associated with the events.

The measure will remain in effect until January 15, 2021, the Health Ministry noted, “as it was found through other countries’ experience that such social events come with increased risk of transmission of Covid-19.”

The relevant protocol includes the following guidelines:

  1. The maximum number of people who can physically attend a meal/dinner is 350.
  2. A distance of 3 m2 indoors and 2 m2 outdoors between each person needs to be maintained regardless of the floor area of the venue.
  3. For congratulations and receptions, the flow of people should not exceed 250 people per hour. For example, if the total number of guests is 1,000 people then the minimum time for congratulations and receptions should be four hours.
  4. The customary process of congratulations (kissing, handshake) is prohibited.
  5. The couple or the baby’s parents are obligated to submit a list with the guests at the reception and/or dinner to facilitate tracing in the event that any Covid-19 cases emerge among guests.
  6. The venue’s managers have to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation at the event.
  7. Tables need to be arranged in a way that prevents crowding and that ensures natural distancing between the various groups of guests.
  8. There should not be a designated area for dancing/dance floor at the event in order to avoid crowding.
  9. Hand sanitisers should be placed by the venue’s managers at various points during the event.
  10. During the church ceremony of the wedding or baptism, all guidelines stipulated for churches in the relevant protocol should be adhered to.

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