NewsLocal35 PhDs and 173 Masters' awarded in UCY graduation ceremony

35 PhDs and 173 Masters’ awarded in UCY graduation ceremony

University of Cyprus postgraduate students received their degrees in a ceremony organised on Thursday.

According to CNA, 35 PhDs and 173 Masters’ degrees were awarded to 208 postgraduate students.

“In a changing world, your degree is part of your truth and an integral piece of your selves and your personal history,” UCY Rector Tasos Christofides said in his speech.

“In order to destroy today’s monsters; intolerance, hate and nationalism we need to be searching for the truth and call out the lies that many people say,” he said.

“The degree is not just a certificate for your knowledge, but something deeper and more substantial. The university is a school where relationships, friendships and emotional bonds are cultivated. As graduates you will always be members of our community,” the Rector concluded.

Two students received awards for their academic performance in the ceremony. Christia-Rossidou Sotiriou of the Department of Business and Public Administration received a €2,500 award and fifth year medical student Andreas Mathaiou received a €3,000 award for finishing as top of his class.


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